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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all the repaints made by yourself?
A: Yes all repaints are own repaints, logos come from the internet most of the time.

Q: Do you ask money for the repaints?

A: No, the repaints do not cost money, I hate to pay for repaints so I will not do that myself.

Q: May it be offered somewhere else on the internet?

A: No, all repaints may only be offered on this site or the Facebook page. Of course you can link to the page.
With exception to OMSI2 map Stadsregio Vlietlanden who have the approval to include repaints for the map in their download.

Q: Is Repainting your job?

A: No, repainting is a hobby. I have a full-time job with irregular working hours and working days, so the repaint time is occasionally limited. I would also like to continue to see it as a hobby, so there are also occasional periods that I do nothing about repainting.

Q: Do you accept repaint requests?
A: No, unfortunately I will not accept any more repaints. The applications that were made were so massive that I could no longer devote all my free time to my own projects. This reduced the motivation and also the passion for repainting and playing the games that I like to do. I consider all the requests that are still coming in as inspiration for a possible next website update. However, there is no guarantee that they will be added. If there is something in between that I like and am in a crazy mood, it may just be that I accept it, but in principle I don't accept any more requests. When the request is mailed, there will also be an automatic reply that I will not accept any more. If I still accept it, I will overrule the automatic message, but in principle I will not reply to repaint requests.

Q: What are you repainting?

A: I only repaint buses, trmas and trucks for OMSI2, ETS2, Fernbus Simulator and TramSim that I also offer on the website. I still want to develop into the trailers, but for the time being I won't do that.

Q: Where do you get the (image) material you use for the repaints?
A: Since I started in 2010, I have built up a large database of materials through the repaints I made at that time. The materials are partly homemade, inspired by original models and partly collected from the internet through open channels. At the time of first use, the materials were labelled as free to use when added to the database. Should there have been any changes over the years, since 2010, and the legitimately demonstrable creator now thinks otherwise, I would love to hear about it and we can have contact and find a solution. As mentioned before, all repaints and creations I make are offered free of charge and the materials are therefore not used to improve financially.

Q: How long does it take before I receive an answer to my mail?
A: I try to reply within 5 working days.

Q: Do your repaints for other games too?
A: No, only for what I also offer on the website. Well at least not yet :)

Q: Are they full files or only liverys?

A: For Omsi, Fernbus and TramSim, they are only liveries, you need the original buses to use the repaints. ETS2 are ETS studio files so also only repaints. The repaints for Trainz are full files. These were released at the time with the permission of the original builders.

Q: Which program do you use?

A: Paint.net?

Q: Are you also on Social Media?

A: There is a Facebook page and a Twitter account. However, do not expect much of it.

Q: Can other people upload repaints to your site?

A: Hmm good question. No, I only upload my own repaints, i have no pages where other people can show their repaints. Who knows in the future.

Q: How often is the website updated?

A: In principle, since a few years I have been trying to do an update around the Christmas period as standard. This is often a larger update. It also depends on what I have left and what I have been able to do.

In addition, if there are special moments, such as Olympic games or tournaments, there can be an interim theme update. But this also depends on the available time.


Q: Which languages ​​do you speak?
A: Dutch, English and reasonably German. In addition, I speak all Google Translate languages;)


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